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Take our in person class. Instructed by award winning master barbers, who cut celebrities and taught hairstylists from Film and TV industry, students will have an opportunity to learn and practice the best men's haircut techniques on various hair textures and styles. This class was refined over the years to ensure you walk away with highest quality skills, in the shortest period of time.


Students will receive FREE ACCESS to the Online Barber Academy valued at $200 at Email or call/text (647)931-0355 for more information.

Introducing CADMEN Barber Academy Master Educators

Francis Paua

Francis is the proud co-owner of the GTA's Top Choice Barbershop - CADMEN Barbershop, CADMEN Clinic, CADMEN Barber Academy, and CADMEN Apparel. With 20+ years in the hair industry, Francis knows what is best for men's hair. Francis is known to cut celebrities, such as NBA, CFL/NFL, NHL, and TFC players. Francis is also CADMEN Barber Academy's educator, teaching many aspiring barbers, including hairstylists from Ontario's Film and TV Industry.

Rocky Alexander

Rocky is the owner of CADMEN Barbershop - Toronto location. With 10+ years of experience, Rocky is one of the most prominent barbers in the city. Highly equipped with skills, tips and tricks with all areas dedicated to barbering/styling, he has travelled to many conventions seeking knowledge and power from those who have been in the industry longer than any of us. He was also Old Spice brand ambassador in 2020.

Darren Jansen

Darren is a renowned master barber & hairstylist in Toronto. He is a familiar hair educator on The Marilyn Denis Show and a Hairstylist for the CTV host on Your Morning and The Social show. He is also a Senior Portfolio Artist and Educator for L’Oréal Professional’s men’s hairstyling team and Wahl sponsored

Benson Hedges

Benson is a master of detail. When working on a classic fade, or the most intricate of designs, Benson is all about creating the perfect canvas of light and dark. That attention to detail has propelled him to the forefront of barbering and hairstyling. Benson is the successful owner of one of the premiere Barbershops and Salons in Toronto and a Master Barber for The Babyliss Pro Barberology Team with multiple awards at industry events across North America.

Watch Francis’s teach this father of 3!

Watch Rocky’s journey in the barber world

Watch Darren teaching on The Marilyn Dennis Show

Watch Benson as a barber for Babyliss, Old Spice, and Zara

Students’ haircuts

Course Outline: Fade and Straight Razor Artistry Class

Customized to students' needs


Aspiring barbers, Beginners, or Existing hairstylists looking to improve their fade game and beard work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Fade session:

  • Students will learn different fade types, detailed outlining, and taper techniques, in addition to adapting to various hair textures

  • All hands-on experience

  • Teaching content is completely customized based on the student’s level and needs

  • Proper consultation: Ask the right questions and provide the right haircut suggestions for each client

  • Barber theory: Head anatomy, different hair textures and face shapes, best hairstyles for each face shape, and how to handle difficult areas of each head shape

  • Beard session:

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Face Shape Analysis to Complement the Style

  • Straight Razor Techniques

  • Proper Straight Razor Loading and Handling

  • How to Avoid Razor Bumps and Cuts

  • Products that Complement Straight Razor Services

  • Customer Experience Enhanced

The class is 2 days. Every student will receive a booklet with step-by-step instructions and for notes.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion and a gift bag.

Lunch is included.

Class dates are flexible

Price: $1,750 + tax

*If you bring a friend with you to learn, save $200 per referral!

Success students

Albert - Former Student - CADMEN Senior Barber

Brendan - Former Student - CADMEN Junior Barber

Emmanuel - Former Student - CADMEN Junior Barber

Class videos and testimonials

Taught hairstylists from Ontario Film, TV, and New Media Industry - Feb 2022

Awesome haircuts by Lisa - who never cut hair before the class

Mom bought our barber course as a gift for her son for his barber dream

Teaching Larissa - 11-year hairstylist who travelled 5 hours to the class

Student testimonial - Terra - Hairstylist Educator from Niagara Falls, Ontario

Student testimonial - Why they chose one-on-one class over watching YouTube

A one-on-one session at Mississauga location

A one-on-one session at the Toronto location

Student testimonial - Jason - Barber Apprentice


“I didn’t really cut anyone before other than my son. I was nervous when I came in, but at the end of the day, I am fully confident now. I really like the class. What I learned today I will take it and try to build on it. I recommend the class to everybody of all barber levels.”

- Terrence, previous student


"How to distinguish different cuts, and step by step on how to complete a standard fade. It was clear they had a lot of experience in the business and had been working on technique for years. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

- Maddy, previous student


"Francis was very helpful and knowledgeable and the setup of the day was relaxed, while very well structured and extremely informative."
Amberly, previous student


“Starting 4 months ago with no knowledge about barbering, I enrolled in the online course then took a 2-day one-on-one class with master barber. Now I work as an apprentice in a small barbershop. Both courses are amazing. Educators are super talented with 20 years of experience cutting clients and celebrities. If you are looking for a barber course, this is the best!” -
Jake, previous student

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