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Over the years, we have taught thousands of

aspiring barbers. Their biggest problem: Watch

thousands of YouTube tutorials but still feel


Check the below list and see how many

do sound familiar to you

Spending the whole day sorting through hundreds of free YouTube barber videos to find relevant ones

Many of the “shortlisted” ones are too advance for beginners/presented by unqualified

instructors/contain contradicting information/show improper forms and techniques

Even though you can find good ones, you still find them confusing because they’re not complete/organized in a logical order

After watching all “qualified” videos, you still don’t have the confidence to start cutting someone without worrying that you will screw up their hair?

Finally, many lost business opportunities and wasted dreams just because you still don’t know where or how to start

Stop wasting your talents, dreams, and

opportunities. Now, It’s time for you to


Introducing CADMEN

Barber Academy

Comprehensive online and offline

barber training

CADMEN Barber Academy

Is Designed For:

  • Beginner Barbers

  • Experienced Barbers

  • Barbershop Owners

  • Aspiring Barbershop Owners

  • Parents Looking to Learn To Cut Their Kids

  • People Looking To Make Extra Income On The Side

  • People looking to learn new skills

Time to ditch all confusing YouTube tutorials

and learn barbering

the right way

With 29 years of combined experience, owning multiple successful barbershop locations, servicing over 20,000+ clients, and training thousands of barbers into successful careers, we know what it feels like starting the journey as an aspiring barber.

At CADMEN Barber Academy, we know that you want to be the best barber that is known for being highly skilled, knowledgeable, who gives the best haircuts and a lineup of clients willing to pay a premium price just to get a cut from you! In order to get there, first, you need to learn and master the basics for beginners. The problem is you don't want to spend a year going to a hairstyling school and spend thousands of dollars. When you tried watching youtube tutorials you still don't know where/how to start, which techniques are best, which tools you need, and so on. This left you confused with too much information, contradicting information, and a lot of knowledge gaps that make you feel unconfident.

We believe that you can learn barbering beginner basic skills without spending thousands of dollars and a year of your time in a traditional school before you can start your career. We also believe that beginner courses should be very simple, clear, and easy to follow. We understand you want to get started with your new career right away and apply your skills confidently as you learn. That's why we created this course for you!

Here is how it works:

1. Become a member

2. Learn at your own pace, from anywhere with an internet connection

3. Apply your new skills to family/friends/clients as you learn

Become a member now so you can stop wasting time and feeling unconfident and overwhelmed. Start learning relevant skills so you can start a successful career confidently!

Why CADMEN Academy?

Learn relevant information and skills you can start applying right away

Step-by-step lessons organized logically by master barbers who make things very simple to understand

Learn at your own pace! Pause, rewind, and rewatch lessons as you need. Feel tired - relax, then go back where you left off

Save money and time by learning from the comfort of your home

Join the exclusive CADMEN community and have an opportunity to network and have one-on-one sessions with master barbers and other like-minded people

Receive Certificate of Completion, bonus resume templates, and many other valuable learning materials

1-on-1 In Person Training Available

Meet your master barbers

Francis Paua

Francis is the proud co-owner of CADMEN Group of Brands, including CADMEN Barbershop, CADMEN Clinic, CADMEN Properties, and CADMEN Academy, with 21+ years of experience in the hair industry. He is known to cut the hair of many celebrities, such as NBA players, CFL/NFL Players, and NHL players, as well as taught a lot of hairstylists in the Toronto film industry. Francis taught thousands of students who then went on to become successful barbers and barbershop owners

Rocky Alexander

Rocky is known for his clean, sleek modern looks inspired by many trends that surface in today's world. With such enormous love and passion for educating many in our industry, Rocky has spent 11 years learning and growing from talented Barbers/Stylists all around the world, honing his craft and very eager to share the knowledge with everyone else. Highly equipped with skills, tips and tricks with all areas dedicated to barbering/styling, he has travelled to many conventions seeking knowledge and power from those who have been in the industry longer than any of us. He was also Old Spice brand ambassador in 2020. Rocky is one of the head educators at CADMEN Barber Academy and a Barbershop owner.


Benson is a master of detail. When working on a classic fade, or the most intricate of designs, Benson is all about creating the perfect canvas of light and dark. That attention to detail has propelled him to the forefront of barbering and hairstyling. Benson is the successful owner of one of the premiere Barbershops and Salons in Toronto and a Master Barber for The Babyliss Pro Barberology Team with multiple awards at industry events across North America.

Student testimonials

I feel like I have a good ground to step into the barber industry


“The course was very educational, especially Francis and Rocky's introductions. Very inspiring. Finally, I feel like I'm a part of your team. And I feel like I have a good ground to step into the barber industry. Amazing feeling.”

The content was clear and hit all the marks I needed


“The program was definitely helpful and I learned many tips I never knew before.

The content was clear and hit all the marks I needed. Thanks again for creating a program that was so convenient for me to use and understand.”

This course is perfect for a busy mother like me


“This course is perfect for a busy mother like me, who just wants to learn some basic haircut styles to cut my husband and kids. I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on schooling, and I could learn whenever I have time from the comfort of my bed.”